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MQ Vienna Fashion Week Vintage Closing Show


Wearing vintage is one of the best ways to spice up your look, give it a unique touch and be good to the environment by giving a new life to an old piece. And plus, how cool is it to know that nobody can be wearing the exact same piece as you? The Vienna Fashion Week this year ended with a Vintage Fashion show powered by Humana People to People, and it was amazing! Humana is an organisation that uses the proceeds of the collected and sold clothing to raise awareness and work on projects that fight poverty and inequality around the world.

The vintage lover that I am, when I heard about a vintage fashion show I was already really excited, but boy I could not have expected such an spectacle full of music, colour and laughs. Each and every model on the catwalk was super fun and fully into their role, plus I loved the fact that most of the people were not professional models but people from all ages and body types, which really added to the authenticity and feel of the show. It showed fashion from the last 60 years, divided into different decades, every one accompanied by the coolest music choices and most of the times also by live performances and dancing acts. Mario Soldo, the director of the show even dressed up and got into the role of a model a couple of times as well!  I definitely could not stop laughing and admiring the outfits they put together, which seriously served as a new inspiration for more vintage in my life. Here are some impressions that have hopefully captured the atmosphere of the show.

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Inspiration, Photos, Trends

Museumsquartier Vienna Fashion Week

img_3213The Museumsquartier Vienna Fashion Week 2016 took place between the 12th and the 18th of September and this year I was lucky enough to attend the shows as press, thanks to my partner in crime – Borislava from Colour Club. As I have never before attended a fashion week, you can imagine my excitement only because of just being there and living this atmosphere from up close. And even though I didn’t have my camera with me and was equipped only with an iPhone, here are some pics from the looks and shows I found most inspiring.

On Saturday the day started with the Modeschule Herbststrasse fashion show – one of the best fashion schools in Vienna, where students from the school presented their collections. This was also one of the shows I liked most, maybe because of the diversity and boldness of the looks. Each one of them was super fun, young and playful, lots of pink, tulle, sheer and asymmetric pieces – one cannot go wrong with that! (OK, maybe one can, but they didn’t :D)

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