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July 2015

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Easy breezy in Bonaire

bonaire black t3

This photos are from our small heaven Bonaire, where we escaped the cold and snowy February. Since the weather has been pretty tropical recently in Vienna (much hotter than it is in the Caribbean actually!!), I decided it is time for these beach photos to hit the blog.

These are taken on the beach in front of Sorobon Beach Resort Bonaire, one of the fancy options if you’re staying on the island and want to be close to the windsurf spot (actually at the sport, right next to the two surf schools :). It consists of small private bungalows with a pretty terrace and hammocks, all surrounded by palm trees and all kinds of colourful singing birds. I think this place is worth to be tried for once, even only for its dreamy location. Plus, they organise yoga on the beach every day and of course all other kinds of cool activities.

We went there for lunch and when you’re taking a break from windsurfing there’s nothing better for me to wear than a simple tee and, well, pajama shorts :D. I actually brought like at least 3 pairs there with me and wore them on the beach all the time. Can you imagine something more comfortable for a lunch in between the surf sessions?

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Inspiration: Journal love



Photo: Pinterest

Hey guys!

Does anybody still keep a diary? And no, not a blog, but one of those real ones written in a real paper notebook, that is not supposed to be read by anybody ever? These things are great, seriously. Free writing is one of the most relaxing things that exist, you just free your mind from everything that has been on it, let it all out without even noticing and get that nice feeling of satisfaction and relief afterwards. I’ve had one since forever but I have to admit that since I’m living with a boy for years already, I haven’t been writing much recently. My childhood and teenage years have been pretty much immortalised in it though and yesterday I happened to find my old diary and reread a big part of it. I have to tell you, this is like the funniest and most exciting book I’ve ever read, it’s like reliving these moments all over again. 

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Scalloped bikini

H&M white bikini1

This dreamy location is the first place I wore my new H&M white scalloped bikini (for the record, it’s been worn 3 times already and I got it like a week ago, just can’t resist 🙂 ). This Sunday afternoon last week was just so perfect, I spent it with my boy and brother on the last day we spent together in Vienna and after a long and exhausting weekend of dancing the nights away + climbing :). This is the perfect place if you want to relax, enjoy the view over Vienna and sip drinks around the pool at the same time. Even if it was a Sunday it was not as crowded as I would have imagined, so I guess it would be even nicer and super calm on a weekday afternoon.

I have to say, I am super happy with the H&M scalloped bikini. First, there’s nothing that highlights the tan better than a beautiful white bikini. Second, H&M have been surprising me super nicely lately with their quality and beautiful designs.  I actually just ordered this lovely almost Chloé top, that deserves another post :p.

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