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Style Inspo: Rachel Green


Anyone else who has watched every single Friends episode multiple times? Let’s face it, we’re all guilty, and not even sorry šŸ™‚ I, personally, can’t help but laugh at the same jokes, even when I know they’re coming, every-single-time šŸ˜€ But also, right from the beginning we knew there wasĀ something about that Rachel Green style. FromĀ that moment when she stumbled into the coffee house in a wedding dress, it was clear she could make a statement. She has proven it, after all, by scoring jobs at Bloomingdales and Ralph Lauren, so we can shamelessly admit that we got some style inspiration from Rachel one time or another, from that timeless 90s slip dress, to all the different kinds of dungarees, belted and fold-down, short or long. Every now and then she was giving lessons on layering like a pro. If there was a Rachel Green emoji though, it would probably be wearing her signature denim waistcoat.Ā And finally, whether it’s the colours of that olive green flowered dress that go so well with Rachel’s complexion, or the cut, or the excitement because in this episodeĀ Rachel made out with Joey – but this dress is just perfection <3

Scroll down to remember our favourite show and have a look at these favourite Rachel outfits.

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