Hello and welcome to D Golden Hour! My name is Dessie Georgieva, a Strategy&Innovation student in Vienna with a serious passion for fashion and style.

I started this blog in 2015 as an outlet of my creative side and a place to share all things beautiful in life. Today there are so many things that are bothering me in fashion though, from the working conditions of fast-fashion brands to the impacts the industry has on our environment, that I decided to take a new direction with D Golden Hour. It is now a home of my journey towards a more sustainable, mindful lifestyle, and hopefully inspires somebody to change the way they live and consume as well. Happily, fashion has a place here as well, since there is a growing number of sustainable fashion brands out there, producing beautiful clothing that is made to last and has as little as possible impact on the environment, while providing sustainable wages to makers and artisans. Our e-commerce store featuring such brands as well as vintage finds will launch in late August.

The name D Golden Hour comes from my favourite time of the day – this magical moment right before sunset or right after sunrise that photographers call the golden hour, when the sun is very low above the horizon, the light is soft, romantic and always makes me smile and be appreciate the sole fact that I’m alive.

I hope you enjoy the time spent on my blog and if you have any questions or requests, don’t hesitate to drop me an email.