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Try something new for 30 days challenge

bonaire avenue

Thanks to the lovely Polina I stumbled across this TED Talks video and it was just the reminder I needed of how important it is to take our time every day for fun, creative things that really bring us joy.  And guess what, according to this TED talk 30 days seems to be enough to form a habit, so I decided to take the challenge and blog every day for 30 days, starting Saturday 🙂 I created D Golden Hour as my own little place for creativity and beauty, but the crazy scadule since I started my master program and, let’s face it, the way I set my priorities, has been keeping me away from it. Honestly, I believe that everything you set your mind to you can achieve, regardless of a crazy scedule, so here it goes, I’m taking this challenge to blog about things that excite me for 30 days straigt 😀

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Easy breezy in Bonaire

bonaire black t3

This photos are from our small heaven Bonaire, where we escaped the cold and snowy February. Since the weather has been pretty tropical recently in Vienna (much hotter than it is in the Caribbean actually!!), I decided it is time for these beach photos to hit the blog.

These are taken on the beach in front of Sorobon Beach Resort Bonaire, one of the fancy options if you’re staying on the island and want to be close to the windsurf spot (actually at the sport, right next to the two surf schools :). It consists of small private bungalows with a pretty terrace and hammocks, all surrounded by palm trees and all kinds of colourful singing birds. I think this place is worth to be tried for once, even only for its dreamy location. Plus, they organise yoga on the beach every day and of course all other kinds of cool activities.

We went there for lunch and when you’re taking a break from windsurfing there’s nothing better for me to wear than a simple tee and, well, pajama shorts :D. I actually brought like at least 3 pairs there with me and wore them on the beach all the time. Can you imagine something more comfortable for a lunch in between the surf sessions?

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Choose joy

Weekend collage

Hey guys!

The weekend has come, so here is some inspiration for us, let’s choose to be happy and focus on the things that bring us joy! Is it painting, singing, dancing, lying in the sun or (let’s be honest) shopping for you? As for me, I can live in Levi’s cutoffs and white off the shoulder tops every single summer weekend. And, seriously, how cool are those Chanel espadrilles, which already became a staple among the fashion addicted crowd. This particular color is my favorite, so casual, yet chick. And what about this SS2015 Karen Walker campaign, where the Aussie designer uses this cutie, Toast the Dog, as a model, after is has been saved from a puppy mill. I personally think it’s killer! Now let’s go and enjoy our weekend!f08dc2af67e9b655ce15d17d5aa7f162Photos: Pinterest